“Dr. Holland has helped me tremendously with the treatment of chronic neck pain. With several serious injuries in my history, I had extreme tightness and misalignment that no amount of yoga or massage could relieve. Her unique approach of re-aligning the spine combined with breaking down old scar tissue has been such a gift to me. I have increased mobility, decreased pain, and a complete absence of incidents of my neck ‘going out.’ I appreciate her grounded presence, her passion for her work, and her consistent professionalism. She is a true healer and I can recommend her with highest regard.”
– Swarn Leung, MA, RCC; Registered Clinical Counsellor & Acupressurist


“Margret is a life-saver and miracle-worker. Her skills, knowledge, and personality are extraordinary. She is a true care-giver (and great friend) in all respects. I feel very privileged to have been the beneficiary of her healing abilities.”
– C.M., Parksville


“Dr Holland’s extensive knowledge of Holistic and Naturopathic medicine and her enthusiasm to better the wellbeing of her patience’s has made her a valuable part of our spiritual, mental and physical health.”
– V.C., Qualicum Beach


“Dr. Margret Holland is an amazing Naturopath.  My experience with her, has been life changing!  The body work and acupuncture that she does has helped to change my posture, and pain that I had is now gone!  This work has changed me physically.  This past year working with Dr. Holland, and the homeopathic remedy that she prescribed has allowed me to change my life, emotionally and spiritually, changed what I thought I was capable of doing, changed my outlook of who I am, for the better.  I have started doing things that I never thought I would do, and I am loving the new “me”.  Thank you Dr. Holland for the commitment you have to your patients, and the love you have for your work.”
– J.C., Parksville


“Dr. Holland was recommended to me several years ago (3) by a friend, as a possible solution to my muscle and joint issues.  Always professional and attentive, Dr. Holland has effectively helped me manage my pain through massage and acupunture.  I highly recommend her services.”
– L.N., Qualicum Beach


“In 1899, my great great grandfather died of a ruptured gall bladder. My grandmother, Mum, aunt and uncle had gall bladder problems and surgery. In May, 2013, an ultra sound found a single 3 cm gall stone. I asked Dr. Holland for help.  In November, 2013, a CT scan did not find a gall stone. Dr. Holland helped to make a family problem disappear. Thank you, Dr. Holland.”
– B.C.