Sports Injuries and Self-Care

You can smell the change in the air … Spring has Sprung!!!

Days are longer and people are coming out of hibernation. Runners, bikers, hikers and even bird-watchers abound.

As we increase our levels of activity from the long winter months; our bodies may initially complain. Aching muscles, sprains, bruises or even fractures may result. Isn’t it nice to know that you can speed the healing process and alleviate the pain with the use of homeopathic remedies?

While not meant to replace emergency medical care; homeopathic medicine offers a valuable adjunct to the treatment of your injuries. The improved rate of healing will allow you to get back out there and enjoy your chosen sport all the sooner.

Should you be unfortunate enough to fracture a bone or experience a sprain consider taking Arnica montana. This homeopathic medicine is taken during the initial healing process to reduce swelling and bruising. If taken immediately after the injury it may also be of benefit in treating symptoms of shock. Arnica montana is also a wonderful treatment for sore aching muscles that result from over-exertion.

Another valuable remedy is Rhus toxicodendron. This is of value for injuries to tendons and ligaments where the pain is worse on initial motion but improves as the joint is limbered up – the “rusty gate syndrome”. Should the pain of injury to a ligament or tendon be worse with movement than the remedy of choice is Bryonia alba. This remedy is very sensitive to any sense of movement, even someone sitting on the bed in which you may be laying down may elicit a sense of pain.

Should you experience pain that is localized and stabbing in nature with a sensation of numbness or coldness in the joint, yet strangely improved with cold applications try Ledum palustre. This remedy may also benefit puncture wounds or slow to heal insect bites.

After the swelling and bruising have resolved and the pain is alleviated; there may still be a sense of discomfort or incomplete healing of the joint – Ruta graveolans to the rescue. This particular herb in homeopathic form is fantastic for putting the finishing touches to any tendon/ligament injury.

Homeopathy is an unbelievably exciting field of medicine. It offers great benefits and may be used quite safely to treat infants, young children, pregnant women and the elderly. There are no side effects or drug interactions. Why not give it a try – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results.